2 posts in one day…amazing…

I have a funny story to share…and I just had to pop on here to tell someone…

Tonight I was planning on making Balsamic chicken with Roasted Green Beans and tomatoes, but alas my plans were changed when I realized i didn’t have enough green beans to adequately make up a side dish (and because i’m lazy and didn’t want to defrost 2 chicken breasts…but shhh don’t tell beth…) Instead I began rummaging around in my fridge for other options, and behold! what did I find? about 8 green beans, a tomato, some bacon (yes I know bacon…i just can’t get away…), a small very dry hunk of parmesan, a quarter of a red onion, an ear of corn? (don’t ask me why just one), and some black olives. All of which needed to be used tonight or risk going bad in the bottom of my fridge. So I decided to stick with the plan of balsamic, and make a pasta salad with Balsamic Vinaigrette. mmm tasty…

I cooked up the corn, and green beans…then while the pasta was cooking and the bacon was sizzling deliciously (mind you I only used 1 slice for 2 people) I diced the tomatoes, made the vinaigrette (which consisted of balsamic, olive oil, salt pepper, and some onion powder for those of you wondering out there), and cut the corn off the cob. Just when I was about to mix everything together, I realized I had forgotten the red onion (which in my opinion is the most important part of pasta salad). so being handy in my kitchen, I grabbed my “Slap chop” thingy and whacked the onion to oblivion, then I mixed it all together, added some parmesan and salt and called it dinner.

It was super tasty, minus the tiny plastic pieces I didn’t know were plastic until we had finished dinner and beth pointed it out. Apparently my handy dandy slap chop thingy broke while chopping the onions, and sent tiny plastic shards all throughout the onion then got mixed all throughout the food. so we might die, I don’t know, only time will tell.

Needless to say, its always important to check your equipment before whacking things to oblivion. This applies to multipul situations. anyway that is my free piece of advice and my funny story. I’ll post the recipe for the pasta salad plus pictures but minus plastic tomorrow…


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  1. I have had that happen to me before! I think you will live; we did. And it is always important to check your equipment before using it, AND, your spelling before posting 🙂 But you do get props for the most creative spelling of ‘multiple’ ever! I love you ❤
    your Mom/Teacher

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