House-sitting…its like vacation.

Well hello,

I know it has been quite some time since my last post, and I do offer my deepest apologies. The fact of the matter was last week was beth’s birthday and I was so busy being an awesome wife and making her birthday week the best ever…that I totally forgot to blog. But now that the birthday has passed, things are almost back to normal…except for one thing…We are HOUSESITTING this week!!!! IT IS AWESOME. This house has a pool, one of those rain shower head things, multiple tv’s with DirectTV aaaaaaaaand A BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN…complete with Viking stove, Butcher block island, and 2 french door refrigerators….which are both FULLY STOCKED… Aunt Mary (its her house) gave us instructions to EAT as much food from their fridges as we could while they are away…SO we are doing just that. Last night I made Crab Cakes (OMG….) They were amaaaaaazing. And tonight….I am making Greek Quesadillas, with Sour Cream Tatziki and a fresh corn salsa 🙂 Be on the look out for those recipes which I should be posting by tonight 🙂

Seriously though this is like vacation for us, except its free…and there are a lot of animals to take care of. but besides that…its vacation…I highly recommend housesitting for your well off relatives whenever possible.


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