its been a while…I know…heres why.

Ok so Beth and I are always talking about losing weight and getting healthier (not that she needs to lose weight because she’s rail skinny…but she does want to get in better shape) but we have a hard time following through. Life always seems to get in the way. When you live as hectically often moment to moment as we do, it is so difficult to keep track of calories, 5 meals a day, and an exercise plan. So in an effort to actually follow through, heres what we are doing.

First…we bought an exercise dvd set…and not just any dvd set…no Beth’s outlook on life is “Go big or Go home” so we bought “INSANITY” the HARDEST and most intense work out DVD set on the market. It promises if you actually do it you will be in the best shape of your life in 60 days…Well after doing the Fit test at the beginning I’d believe it. I am sore today after just 25 minutes yesterday. It is crazy. Heres a link if you wanna check it out for yourself.|17312|insanity%20workout||S|e|11395391173&gclid=CJGAg6rJ-7ECFSXZQgodG2kAFg

Included in the package is the “Elite Nutrition” booklet. Outlining how to eat 300 calorie meals 5 times a day, how to find your personal Calorie intake daily limits. and How to plan your meals.

So me being the cook of the house decided to take on the endevoire of planning our meals for 2 months starting on september 1st.

Heres the thing though. If I’m going to eat like this for the rest of my life, I sure as hell better find more recipes then just the 5-10 they’ve outlined for every meal in this little booklet. So then I ran into the question…well how do I know if what I’m making is under 300 calories? I’m not a nutritionalist.

There in lies the problem of EVERY diet plan I’ve ever seen. No one ever teaches you how to figure this shit out for yourselves. They provide you with recipes and tell you to go for it…but what happens when you get tired of eating the same 10 things every week?

Well never fear my friends, I am determined to figure this out…and I will share with you my knowledge as I learn it.

So first…To make a well balanced meal the goal is
40% Protien
40% Carbs
20% Fat

but really what does that look like…? Most of us know what proteins look like, but many of us have no idea what good carbs look like or what is good fat and bad fat and everything in between.

well let me just list off a few surprising ingredients that fall into different categories than you might have expected.

Bell Peppers = Carbs
Broccoli = Carbs AND Protein
Carrots = Carbs
Celery = Carbs

and so on…pretty much ANY and EVERY vegetable you could think of is considered a carb…but a good one at that…and heres why…

Carbohydrates are what give your body energy, they are the bases to our fuel. Without healthy carbs in our diets we would have little to no energy. When good carbs combine with lean protein it makes for the highest and longest burning fuel for our bodies. This gives us energy and stamina throughout the day. Not to mention vegetables are PACKED with vitamins and minerals that are just down right GREAT for our bodies. Because Vegetables naturally have little to no fat components (some have high sugar content, which can turn to fat if we’re not careful) they are considered low calorie, which means you can eat more, and still lose weight. The reason that people think Carbs are bad, is not because of the actual carb itself but what often comes along with the carb in things like bread, starchy foods (potatoes) and sweet foods like cookies. Its the fat, sugar, and startch, that kills the goodness of the carb.

Because carbs are a long burning fuel in our bodies, if you are active carbs help give you energy throughout the day and your body will continue to burn them until you run out. But if you are not active, your body will store them for later. In our bodies process, it is basically storing up for a later use. However if we are not active generally at all…this storing carbs to be burned later, is actually what makes us fat. I think of it as like preparing for the worst. Your body assumes that you will need this later, so instead of burning it off (because you’re not requiring it) it thinks “oh well I guess we’re just saving it up for something special)

This is why in the beginning of an exercise/weight loss program it is SOOOO important to eat as low in the calorie count as possible and stay as active as possible. You want to give your body fuel obviously but if your chubby like me, your muscles ALREADY have plenty of fuel stored away…You want to fuel your body with your stored (carbs) Fat first…

I don’t know if this makes sense to anyone else. But it makes sense in my brain.

OK so thats all I have today…Check back tomorrow for my first real workout day…and starting on september 1 I will outline our menu and budget for the month, and probably post my scary before picture we had to take for INSANITY.


House-sitting…its like vacation.

Well hello,

I know it has been quite some time since my last post, and I do offer my deepest apologies. The fact of the matter was last week was beth’s birthday and I was so busy being an awesome wife and making her birthday week the best ever…that I totally forgot to blog. But now that the birthday has passed, things are almost back to normal…except for one thing…We are HOUSESITTING this week!!!! IT IS AWESOME. This house has a pool, one of those rain shower head things, multiple tv’s with DirectTV aaaaaaaaand A BEAUTIFUL KITCHEN…complete with Viking stove, Butcher block island, and 2 french door refrigerators….which are both FULLY STOCKED… Aunt Mary (its her house) gave us instructions to EAT as much food from their fridges as we could while they are away…SO we are doing just that. Last night I made Crab Cakes (OMG….) They were amaaaaaazing. And tonight….I am making Greek Quesadillas, with Sour Cream Tatziki and a fresh corn salsa 🙂 Be on the look out for those recipes which I should be posting by tonight 🙂

Seriously though this is like vacation for us, except its free…and there are a lot of animals to take care of. but besides that…its vacation…I highly recommend housesitting for your well off relatives whenever possible.