Beth’s Birthday Week Menu 7/11-7/17

Ok well Beth’s birthday isn’t technically until the 19th, but since budgets are tight and I won’t be able buy Beth a big expensive birthday present like I would like to, I have decided to stretch her birthday out over the next 8days (ok so a little over a week) and give her all of her favorite meals I make, and continue the 23 things I love about my wife project ­čÖé Here is a menu of mostly her choosing with a few surprises by me thrown in there…

Its Hard when you love someone so much, that you literally want to give them the world, but can’t afford even one nice expensive dinner at a classy restaurant for a birthday dinner. But as I am learning, sometimes the one you love doesn’t need fancy things, or expensive dinners…all they need is a small gift thoughtfully purchased (or made) and wrapped in love. (cheesy I know) I know this is true for Beth, especially this year, I think me NOT breaking our budget and spending tons of money on her, means more than anything else. Its her money anyway since I am still out of work. I would encourage those of you with a tight budget and even those with looser (or no) budgets to think about doing the small things for the ones you love, instead of just buying them gifts. Write love notes, Bring her/his coffee at work, make her/his favorite dinner, rent her/his favorite movie, Make a mix tape (or cd) of songs that make you think of her/him. Do something out of your comfort zone for your partner. For me this includes: Cleaning the house (which I know how to do, I just really don’t like doing it.), Making her favorite desserts (I suck at baking but I am learning because she has a massive sweet tooth…lol), Write Music and poetry (Beth has always told me she wants to be the girl someone sings about, so I have been trying for the past 2 years to successfully write a song that doesn’t sound stupid…I have not accomplished this goal…I SUUUUUUCK at writing songs….I’m just too sappy). These are just ideas, it really all depends on what means the most to your partner/significant other…make a point to learn those things, then Get creative, and show her/him, how important they are to you!

Ok ok enough of the speech…Heres Beth’s Birthday Menu

Wednesday: Dinner at Aunt Mary’s

Thursday: Twice Baked Potatoes and Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

Friday: Leftovers

Saturday: Mandarine Chicken Salad

Sunday: BBQ Chicken Pizza

Monday: Leftovers

Tuesday: Shrimp Alfredo and Veggies ­čÖé

In addition I am hoping to try and make a pie at some point this week, as well as trying my hand at pickling green beans via the refrigerator. Be on the look out for some fun posts this week!

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