Whats in my Pantry?

So I’ve often wondered what “Staple” items other cooks keep in their pantries at all times. So if your curious like me, here is a list of my staple pantry items.

– Kosher Salt
-Whole Black Peppercorns (with Grinder)
– Curry Powder
– Cumin
– Chili Powder
– Onion Powder
– Garlic Powder
– Mustard Powder
– Chinese 5 Spice
– Garam Masala
– WHOLE Bay Leaves
– Cinnamon
– Paprika
– Cayenne powder
– Taco Seasoning (I know I could make this myself…but to my credit I do by all natual organic no MSG powder because well its easier than making a mix every time I need it and I use it all the time)

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil
– Vegetable Oil
– Toasted Sesame Oil

– Balsamic Vinegar
– Seasoned Rice Vinegar
– White Vinegar
– Red Wine Vinegar
– Cider Vinegar

– Wine for cooking (and for drinking hehe)
– Beer for cooking (and definitely for drinking)
– Soy Sauce
– Worschestshire (spelling? eh…)Sauce
–  Teryiake Sauce
– Ponzu Sauce
– Housin Sauce
– Thai Red Curry Paste
– BBQ Sauce (Stubbs or Sweet Baby Rays are my favorites)
– and if I can find it EVER…Mojo Creojo Sauce

Canned Goods:
– Chick Peas (Garbanzo Beans)
– Cannelli Beans (white Beans)
– Kidney Beans
– Black Beans
– Pinto Beans
– Refried Beans

– Green Beans (french cut)
– Campbells condensed soups (cream of mushroom and cream of chicken)
– Better than Bouillon Chicken Stock Base (miracle stuff)
– Pasta Sauce (we have found we like Prego “Heart Healthy” and Ragu “Heart Healthy Garden Vegetable” the latter is my favorite!)

Dry Goods:
– White Rice (We buy mostly Jasmine)
– Brown Rice
– Arborio Rice (risotto rice)
– Penne Pasta
– Farfelle Pasta (Bowties)
– Spaghetti Pasta

– Bisquick
– Brownie Mix (for those unhealthy cravings that one time a month lol)
– Yeast Packets
– Flour (I usually use All Purpose just for the ease of it)
– Raisins
– Peanut Butter

And just in case your super curious….my weekly perishable Staples are:

– Eggs (duh who doesn’t by eggs?…except vegans…)
– Milk (Whole Vitamin D milk all the way…for your fun and entertainment check out Organic Valley online look up farmers in central california…there you will find The Burroughs Family Farms (or just click their name right there)…thats Beth’s family. We buy their milk lol)
–  Cheese (shredded usually just a blend…)
– Butter (almost weekly)
– Yogurt (low fat Vanilla)
– Coffee Creamer (because anyone that knows us  knows that Beth HAS to have her coffee in the morning…without it she is dead to the world)


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